A Designer’s Never Have I Ever…

Making designers answer the tough questions

Sasha Cherian
2 min readSep 28, 2020

I was introduced to Sol LeWitt’s paintings as a part of learning generative art during my third semester in college. Sol LeWitt is best known for his large scale wall drawings where he designed instructions to define his drawings.

As a part of this class, each one of us made our own rules to make art. I created a designer’s version of the ‘Never have I ever’ game. The outcome brought a unique pattern for each designer. If you’re a designer and would like to try this out, use this template and answer the questions below in any comfortable style of your own. Find some examples to the end of the article.

Here are the rules.

  • If your answer for a question is ‘never’ use a vertical stroke ( )
  • If your answer to a question is ‘I have’ use horizontal stroke (|)

Here are the questions!

1.Never have I ever used comic sans.

2.Never have I ever copied elements from someone else’s design work.

3. Never have I ever designed in RGB for print mediums.

4. Never have I ever been rejected at a job interview.

5. Never have I ever used cracked versions of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

6. Never have I ever been cheated by a client for payments.

7.Never have I ever cried when someone criticised my work.

8. Never have I ever saved my files as ‘NewFinal.jepg/png/svg.’

9. Never have I ever felt the imposter syndrome.

10. Never have I ever judged a fellow designer by his/her work.

11. Never have I ever had a client who asked me to make the logo bigger.

12. Never have I ever been asked if I was a fashion designer.

13. Never have I ever been asked to do a design job for ‘exposure’

14. Never have I ever stayed working in office till midnight.

15. Never have I ever had an argument with my manager.

16. Never have I ever purchased a product for its packaging rather than it’s content.

17. Never have I ever been asked to tweak my designs.

18. Never have I ever been asked to do freelance work for ‘free’.

19. Never have I ever used ‘Lorem ipsum’ as copy in my design.

20. Never have I ever had unnamed files on my desktop.

Hope this was fun and brought back some memories. How does your grid pattern look like? Share your creation at sashacherian06@gmail.com and I’l add it as a part of this article. Thanks for reading :)

Thanks to my batchmates — @Manjusha, @Vimal, Harnehmat, my Cuddle design team peeps — Mayank, Shalini and my girl gang — @Astha and Misba for taking out time and sharing their creations.